Grup Art'a hoşgeldiniz!!!!
Grubumuz fine art paylaşıma açık olan bir gruptur. bütün fine art resim üreten sanatçılarımıza açıktır. tabii ki sanatseverlerimizede. Paylaşımlarınızın,siyasi ve dini ve politik içerikli olmaması gerekiyor. vede kişisel fotoğraflarınızın yüklenilmesi yasaktır. Link paylaşmayınız, reklam paylaşmak yasaktır. Lütfen kurallara uyunuz.

Welcome to the Group into ART!!!!

Our group is a group that is open to the share fine art. All artists are producing fine art painting
a is turned on. Of course art lovers we sharings, political, and religious and political content should not be. and personal photographs are prohibited from loading. Link share, advertising share is prohibited. Please follow the rules.

Dear artists and artlovers! Wellcome to ART ! You can share your FINE ART work in watercolor, oil, gouache and charcoal. Personal blog links, exhibition annoucements, price labels, albums and advertisements are not accepted. Dear artists, please care about uploading your photos in BIG SIZE and neatly CROPPED :) you can post up to three paintings per day, one by one seperately. Please write the name, size and technique of your work. Artists will be warned in case of posts against these rules, and the post could be removed by the admins when noticed :( Happy painting to each of you :)

1. Pictures must be classic.
2. You don't never share porn picture and the naked human picture.
3. we don't never want religion pictures.
4. you don't share famous human pictures
5. You don't share ideological comments, pictures,videos,ect...