Artist's Journal Workshop

This is a group for anyone who keeps an artist's journal, or wants to. Sketches, drawings, notes, calligraphy, collage, even paintings if you include the planning sketches* – as long as they’re part of your journaling process!

For our purposes, an artist’s journal is a record of occurrences, experiences, or observations using art as the primary medium. Please help us maintain our focus. This is not the place for studio work – large paintings, oils, murals, commissioned portraits and such. Anything not deemed appropriate to our focus by our admins – however good it may be – will be removed. Any posts deemed inappropriate by the admins, particularly negative or derogatory posts or comments, will be removed as well.

Anything from your sketchbook or journal is good. Of course if you used your sketches to plan or inspire a finished work, we'd love to see the process involved, but do try to shoot them together so they don't get separated!

If you're exploring a new medium or have found a great new tool – palette, pen, brush, journal – please share.

If you have questions or problems – with sketching in public, with materials, with getting started, whatever – just ask; there are a lot of knowledgeable, supportive people here willing to help!

If you have a workshop, article, DVD, or book to share, please do! We support our fellow artists and want to offer opportunities and inspiration to our members. However, this is NOT the place to list random items for sale. Please do keep things appropriate to our focus. Ads that aren't art-related will be removed. Spam will be removed and the spammer permanently banned from the group.

Don't miss our Files, Photos and Albums at the top of the page – add your own, browse what we have, take a peek at our videos.

We do recommend that you make an album for your art. Each new addition will go up on the page, but everything you've done will be in the same place so you're easier to find.

This group grew out of Cathy Johnson’s online journal classes, then her North Light book of the same name. We have a group blog for artists that were in the book, at but we wanted to invite a larger group of artists to come out and play--and it's been one of the best decisions we ever made.

We also have a Flickr site--feel free to join us at Please respect our focus there as well.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to write us either here or privately. The Admins are Cathy Johnson, Joseph Ruckman, Carol Holt, Patrick Ng, Palma Rea, Tony Mazzola, Laure Ferlita, Shandra Singer and Susan Bronsak. (Sorry I can't make our names "clickable"!)

*What we’re interested in are the sketches. However if you want to show the finished product that resulted from those sketches, that’s fine.