Art of Zero - Sufi Mindfulness

Experiential Sufi Music Therapy (drumming & sound current) workshops:
The “Ah-Ha” breathing & meditation technique synthesizes Science (neuroscience, consciousness, psychology) and Sufism for developing skills needed to be “present” in all situations, mastering the ability to direct one’s attention, letting go of habitual and often ineffective ways of responding. We live constantly connected, rushed, hurried and stressed and on autopilot. Sufi mindfulness can be used by everyone & assists to overcome depression, despair, distraction, to regain focus, staying positive & calm (even within the “negative”) leading to lasting happiness @ work and @home. Effective leaders must have the ability to motivate others, grasp complex issues, act with purpose, provide a compass & map for others to follow.

Sayed Zain Hakim was born in Cape Town, studied Engineering and worked abroad in Turkey, Holland and USA. His last job abroad was in Las Vegas as International Project Manager. He is currently completing his PhD in Metaphysical Psychology. He co-presented his own radio show in Cape Town, appeared as guest speaker for radio station in Durban & presented Sufi Mindfulness on CapeTownTV (CTV). He acted as consultant and assisted XCON Films for world 1st “Siyakholwa - We Believe” TV program aired on SABC1 aimed @ educating children @ grassroots level. This project was commissioned by SABC and answered the President’s call for moral regeneration within SA and he has a desire to create a moral and just society, and this starts with teaching children values and morals. Together with his brother, they also hosted the 1st Sufi Music & Poetry/Art festival @ Sufi Temple, bridging the gap between “traditional” and “western” Sufism. Zain practiced Martial Arts in South Africa, Turkey, Holland and Yoga @ ISHTA School in Sandton. He has certificates in Advanced Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching and is registered EthnoPyschology Practitioner with EPASA (Ethnomedicine Practitioner's Association of South Africa)

Born into a family, both maternal & paternal, of several generations of revered Sufi Masters of Prophetic lineage. The seed of Sufism was "subconsciously" planted in Cape Town in late 60's by his parents who were students of his 1st Sufi Master, watered in Europe, germinated in Las Vegas and now flowering. He is being further groomed by 3 Sufi Masters & is currently writing his book, “Sin City to Sufism – Mindfulness Journey to Cape Town”.