Art Supplies: Buy, Sell, Trade

The purpose of this page is to help fellow artists purge their cluttered studios by selling, trading or giving away supplies they no longer need.

Please create an album for and list your items there. Each member may have up to three albums. Please give your album a title and description. A photo, description and price must be included with each item.
Once an item is sold please remove it. If it does not sell in 60 days please remove it. This will help keep our page fresh.

If you are purchasing an items please post sold and contact the seller by PM. Questions and answers may be posted with items.

Art work may Not be offered for sale on this site. Any being offered will be removed.
This group is for the purpose of buying, selling and trading art supplies only. It is also to help encourage other artists and make connections. We can learn a lot from each so ask questions, answer if you can, but no drama please.

In Search Of (ISO) posts may be listed.

Sellers need to ship their sold items within three days. If you are unable please make arrangements with the buyer.

No drama. No bickering. No gossiping. Etc., etc, etc

The administrators are not in any way responsible for the sales or any other actions done on or regarding this site.

Anyone wishing to join please post agree to be accepted into this group.