Gyan: Mathematics, Logic and Statistics Group

Welcome to the Gyan: Mathematics & Statistics Group

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The purpose of this group is to share, spread and assimilate the knowledge in the wide areas of Mathematics and Statistics. We will work towards popularizing these subjects and generate interest in people towards the highly interesting realms in various forms of its study.

Other than generating interest, we will also struggle for creating value for various stakeholders of society - like schools, colleges, institutions, and individuals.

This group is open for all enthusiasts and experts of various branches of M&S. Here, we can discuss / debate and organize these subjects in our own little ways and conduct interesting activities.

The protocols of engagement in the group is as follows:
1. Niceness in language and gestures
2. Active participation with respect for fellow members & willingness to learn
3. Taking part in physical meetings in your location (when it takes place)
4. Discussion should be done on the group itself and not privately
6. All members should fill in the online Gyan Knowledge Engagement Form (will be shared)

The re-state the purpose of our group:
-Sharing and Assimilating Knowledge in these areas
-Spreading Knowledge of M&S in interesting ways
-Explore the possibility of creating tangible value is various areas.
-Make the M&S practice fun filled and enjoyable.

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