Welcome to Arystocratz

Arystocratz is a media group with focus on Youths and Campuses (Higher Institution) in Nigeria.
With our well trained Team, we aim at being a functional media group that will connect Campuses and Youths in Nigeria, bringing you latest Information(Campus News), Lifestyle, Entertainment, Events, Gossip, Fashion, Outstanding Individuals, e.t.c around campus. Our vision is to be a world famous campus information network that provides update and upbeat information and entertainment. Our mission is to contribute to educational development through our social and media works.
We also have a platform on our website( where students/youths can join our community and become a correspondent/reporter in four(4) different mediums(Visual,Audio,Print and Social Media) and or showcase their talent in Videos, Music, Entrepreneur, e.t.c and we’ll have you promoted by uploading your songs or videos for download and or showcase who you are and what you do on our personality of the week page and also have you trend on our social media platforms(Facebook, Twitter, google+). So get it right and get it now while still on campus with Arystocratz.