Acheter Vender ou Echanger Buy and Sell or Exchange in Mauritius

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All under ONE ROOF, no need to join many groups and get annoyed by tons of notifications... This group itself matches all ur needs and expectations.

If you want to Buy or sell ur mobiles, psp, Cars, Clothes, Shoes or, any other things, Just post it here.
If you want to Exchange anything post it here.
Bargain ur prices, and get the best deals.
Thx :)
add all ur friends to this group, to increase the chance of getting many products and best deals.

Many members offer things for free in this group, So check this group regularly and grab those free items, for e.g Dogs, Cats, old Computers in working condition and many more

Add a minimum of 300 friends in this group, and u'll be our VIP member and you will get lots of advantages from asTvenD.

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This is a closed and a non profit organisation group, the aim of creating this group was to provide a platform for low income earners and low pocket money youngs to be able to find things at the best price which other members are providing.

The fact that this is a closed group, asTvenD's Founder in collaboration with other admins have set some rules and regulations to follow.

Any member failing to comply with the rules and regulations set by asTvenD shall be removed or banned depending on the gravity without notice.

To avoid getting "removed" or "Banned" from the group,

-->> don't post any Links for any Other groups, Pages, Events, don't ask anyone to Like Photos, etc..

-->>don't advert on other's posts

-->>don't put silly comments

-->>don't share photos from your profile or Page.

-->> Any criticism, any dislikes, any voice out of opinion against anyone or against asTvenD shall not be posted on the group wall.

-->>admin of any other buying and selling group and trying to spy on asTvenD, influencing members to join any other group shall be banned immediately from asTvenD.
(any admins of any other group of the same category as asTvenD are not allowed on asTvenD)

Any member Liking (click LIKE) hate Speech, indecent, dislikes voice out, false arrogation Posts shall be removed or banned permanently depending on the gravity. ( the member who LIKE such posts meaning that they are encouraging these people in their wrong activities)

We encourage you to UPLOAD PHOTOS instead of SHARING

AsTvenD team reserves the right to remove any post at anytime when needed.

U can now Message admins on asTvenD's Page on ---
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There are over 10 admins on asTvenD's PAGE... Any problems, complains, if u have, inbox on asTvenD's PAGE... Admins will solve ur problems in matters of seconds :)

LIKE asTvenD's PAGE & Message there for any queries & we will try our best to reply u as soon as possible.

You can-->>>Upload unlimited photos or videos u r FREE to do so. :)

-------------------History of asTvenD-----------------------

asTvenD was created by Rohan BackAlive in the aim to add his frds which were interested to buy, sell or exchange what ever they have, and share information where to get good things at the best price.

But, surprisingly during the very first week of the creation of the group, over 5,000 mauritians were already on asTvenD.

This is so because Rohan's always wanted to have a group which is very well disciplined, clean without any links and no spammers. At times it was one among the best managed group on facebook and till now asTvenD is still the best, biggest group in Mauritius.

Since people were very interested to buy, sell and exchange... The concept of Sharing has changed to Buying and Selling... and the name asTvenD was very fit in the context.

Then during the second week of the creation of asTvenD Priya was very interested and devoted to asTvenD, she was not frd with Rohan at times, but she loved the way this group was managed and wanted to be part of it. Then she got promoted to do the role of Admin.

After Priya's entry as admin on asTvenD on the 3rd week of the creation of asTvenD the group was already 10,000 members. Ashita Rughoo, the Rj at MBC appreciated asTvenD a lot and has done an interview of asTvenD on infozen on MBC (Aug 2011)

Then after nearly one year, we have noticed that many companies were interested to do their advert on asTvenD, the fact that this is a non-profit organisation asTvenD does not allow any Company to advert, as this platform is for youngsters and middle class people that cannot afford to buy expensive items.

Then, we have promoted admin Ravi, to deal with companies and ask them to give a gift to asTvenD's members if they want to stay on the group. This is why we have many quiz questions and asTvenD gift many items to its dear member for FREE.

To Note that, asTvenD has over 100,000 members and has never done its advert anywhere. Every member entered asTvend voluntarily.

Thanks for taking your precious time to read about asTvenD,
if you like asTvenD

Go on asTvenD's PAGE and Like it... Liking the page is not only to increase the number of Likes but you can get the chance of getting many gifts for free without doing anything. As very Often asTvenD choose a member on the PAge and gift them somthng at random for FREE.

here is the link of the PAGE

asTvenD is also on youtube

If you want any help feel free to inbox on asTvenD's PAge

Have a very nice deal and a very nice time on this group :)