Asian Internet Marketers (AIM)

This group was started by Calvin Woon & Patricia Lin from The couple from Singapore has achieved tremendous success in internet marketing for the past 6 years and aims to help develop the internet marketing scene in Singapore and also the Asian region...

If you're new to this group, please watch this introduction video first!


The goal of this FB group is to provide a platform for all internet marketers in Asia to:

* Share information
* Learn & grow together
* Mastermind
* Provide encouragement & support to one another

Apart from that, live meetups & events will be conducted occasionally so do stay tuned for them!

Here are some important rules that everyone must adhere to for the benefit of everyone in this group:

1. No spamming personal links of any kind. This is NOT a platform for you to promote your own stuff and this is strictly not tolerated.

2. No tech support questions in the group. If you have any issues with products you've bought from us, please use our support email. You can post your other questions related to internet marketing here though.

3. This is also not the place for you to whine and complain about every single thing in your life. Let's keep this group positive and a place for you to get results!

Apart from that, let's all have fun and help one another reach their goals! And if you know of anyone else from Singapore or the rest of Asia who is positive and also share the same passion for internet marketing, do invite them to this group!