Ask The Blogtogs

The Blogtogs are a group of Twelve photographers who have come together to create a blog to talk all things photography. We each take turns blogging daily on any topics that we feel may be beneficial to other photographers of any skill level. We all have very different personalities and styles of photography, but we LOVE all things photography! The purpose of the group is to allow members at any level of photography to have a place to come and ask questions. These questions can be related to gear, editing, shooting techniques, business, and marketing. No question is a stupid question, so please do not be afraid to ask. We are here to help and share the knowledge that we have learned along the way!

This is a closed group, which means others outside of this group cannot see your posts, but the group itself can be found by those not in the group. Feel free to invite those you think would enjoy the group and benefit from it! Please be respectful of one another and keep the contents of this group private. To learn more about the authors of The Blogtog and follow our blog posts, please visit

If you ever have any issues with other members, please feel free to let one of us know via private message. Authors and admins are:

Sparkle Hill
Aaron Lockhart
Matthew Kauffmann
Mark Hopkins
Parris Ryurairyan
Laura Doug Myers
Matthew Angelo
Cliff Ingram
Melody Hood
Josh Wallace
Lindsey Gutierrez

Here is a short list of rules that we ask that you follow to remain a member of the group.

1. Be kind to each other, we are all here to learn. Disrespect will not be tolerated. (by disrespect we mean you may not degrade people on a personal level)

2. The personal lives of the individuals in this group are meant to stay personal. This group is intended for topics relating to photography and/or running a photography business. Any posts unrelated will be deleted immediately.

3. No posting other photographers' work, unless you are choosing to use it for the purpose of exemplifying how something should be done the right way. Even then, you must provide a link directly relating to the rendering artist's website and give them credit for the work. No exceptions.

4. This group is PG-13, please use your mouth as such. Extensive use of foul language will result in removal from the group.

5. To give others a fair turn, If you are going to share images or want CC, and are posting more than one image. All images MUST BE POSTED AT THE SAME TIME! The other alternative is to add a single photo and then add the others to the comments of the first one. Failure to comply with this will result in deletion of ALL of the photos, and then a warning issued. The second time you will be booted and banned.

6. Please make sure you are taking into consideration the needs of others. If you have multiple questions, ask all of them in the same thread. This ensures that everyone gets a fair chance at posting a question to have it answered.