UPSC ASpIrants

Welcome future Indian Adminstrators

Few things to make this group honest and alive....

This group is a platform to help people find their quries , to share new ideas. We are a group of volunteers who have given our time on this. As you were somewhere else.

We in no faith sharing knowledge and so we do expect to keep this group alive, by doing our bit.

"Join, Share and ask, make others happy."

It's the members right according to us to inform any of the admins incase a suspect Promoting ADVERTISIMENTS, or PERSONAL PAGES and unwanted ELEMENTS has been spotted so that we can BAN the person lifetime if found guilty.

What we allow here: Post related study material, quires regarding your studies ,as it maybe helpful to some members also.

What we dont allow which can lead to a permanent BAN: Post advertising any other website, any other group, professional sales etc.

Incase you feel that you want to join this group your free to do so but remember we usually scan posts here so if you're a creating chaos then don't join here to insult yourself.

So, we hope you maybe able to achieve for what you have come here for. smile emoticon

Keep Sharing, Keep Asking and Keep Rising