Aspiring Adirondack 46ers

Join us if you think you will someday finish your 46 peaks of the Adirondack Mountains of New York State. Officially, an "aspiring 46er" is someone who has climbed 30 or more of the 46 Adirondack high peaks- but it's ok to join even if you are just beginning. So, how do you plan to celebrate your 46th climb? And please Dont forget to vote in the Best View poll (it's at the top)!

Here's a guideline update for participation in this group. I'm asking that you behave as if we're all walking into the other person's kitchen and saying these things directly to each other, and showing photos as if you're putting the photo down on their kitchen table with the kids and grandma gathered around. The second guideline is to stay on-topic, or at least sorta-on-topic. The topic is Adirondack Hiking which is related to a lot of subtopics, most of which deal with trails, maps, hiking, related websites, clothing, stores, natural areas like rivers and weather, and the unique nature of the ADKs that make the place special to us all.

Perhaps most importantly, it is a place where we can assist each other's endeavors in the mountains and be proud of each other's accomplishments.