Associate and affiliate cricket discussion panel

Congratulations on joining our group! I hope you will enjoy every moment of your time spent on it. Because we want every person here to enjoy their time, we unfortunately have to create some rules, that will enable that, as sometimes people can go overboard, making it unpleasant for others. Please try understand. As always, any ideas that you have to improve this group should be sent to the admins of this group (Eitan Shai, Paritosh Koirala and Arvindh Sarangapani), and we will do our best to implement them.
There will be two kinds of offenses- major offenses and minor offenses. Anyone committing a major offense will be immediately banned, and anyone committing a minor offense will get a warning, and his post will be deleted. After 3 warnings someone like that will also be banned. The list of offenses are below, and it is the sole right of the group admins to change them.
List of major offenses:
1. Abuse. Anyone that abuses anyone else in this group will immediately be banned. This is a group meant for promoting cricket, not for hate speech.
2. Spamming. Anyone that spams in this group will be banned- I think it is obvious why.

Racial Abuse is a major offenc: We consider it as a major offence and will concentrate more on avoiding it hence instant banning will be done.
List of minor offenses:
1. Because this an international group, I expect all posts and comments to be made in English, and English only! If anyone posts in a different language, and doesn't give me a good reason for him doing so, he will be warned.
2. Anyone complaining about anything in the group can always write to Eitan, Paritosh or Arvindh in private messages. Anyone that writes bad things about the group in a public post will be warned.
3. This is a group about Associate cricket, and Associate cricket only! Anyone who posts about Test nations without explicit permission from Eitan, Arvindh or Paritosh will be warned.
Anyone who is banned can always send Eitan, Paritosh or Arvindh a private message, and we guarantee we will do everything possible to allow him back into the group, provided he will stop any malicious behavior he was doing.
If you are not going to be an offender, we assure you that you will have a wonderful time in the group. If you feel that any of our admins acts unfair, tell your views to the other two admins. We will talk to each other and correct our mistakes.
We hope you will understand, and we wish you a pleasant time on this group
With regards,
Admin Panel