Jyotish Sagar--Vedic & K.P Astrology, Numerology & Vaastu Group

This group is for Astrological discussions. All memebers are requested to share their views on VEDIC & K.P ASTROLOGY,NUMEROLOGY,VAASTU and allied subjects.
All members are expected to share their Case-Studies, peculiar status of Planetary interpretations needing consultancy. All members should remember that what information we are sharing here is open to all. So, they should keep the privacy of the native, whose chart is shared here for discussion.No one will force the members to discuss their horoscope.This will be the sole discretion of the members to reply the query or not.

For personal-reading or remedial advice, one should approach the concerned person directly. I am not responsible for other's behaviour and dealings in this regard............. DR. MANOJ KUMAR