Astrophotography/ Amateur Astronomy Enthusiasts

Discuss amateur astronomy and astrophotography, and post pictures that you've taken!


These things must be true your photos and postings:

1) You took (or helped take) the shot.

2) These kinds of posts are what we're looking for:

Pics of:
-Deep sky objects
-The Sun
-The Moon
-Cloud formations
-Space-stations, other spacecraft

Anything having to do with amateur astronomy
Discussions, questions and/or reviews about astronomy equipment,
software and apps.
Telescope Making, useful resources, explanations of techniques.

3) These are the kinds of posts that we are not looking for:

-Research, discoveries, scientific article
-Hubble shots (or other professional shots)
-Images that were captured professionally, but processed by you. (If you post an image, the photons must have passed through YOUR glass)
-CG renderings of distant exoplanets, etc
-Advertisements for your facebook page
-NASA anything
-Conspiracy theories
-Posts about a local event, star party, or seminar, unless it is webcasted/useable by all (e.g. Virtual Telescope Project). We aren't the bulliten board for your astronomy club!

**Descriptions: If you submit a photo, it should have some sort of description about how you made the image. It is standard practice in the field of photography to include:

1. Camera make and model
2. Lens or telescope used
3. Length and number of exposure(s)
4. If processed, which software was used

**Note: You are more than welcome to post something in your native language, but please put a translation underneath it. The integrated translation button on facebook doesn't seem to work on mobile devices, so for now please help out by adding a translation.

Thanks for joining and we all look forward to your contributions! If you're here just to see what's up or look at pretty pictures, you've come to the right place because we have lots of wonderful contributors already!