Ateneo Book Market

Buy, sell and look for school books and other Atenean essentials here! :)

A few reminders:

1. Only current Ateneo de Manila University students, alumni and faculty are allowed to post in the Market. Outsiders who wish to buy or sell must have an Ateneo Book Market member post for him or her.
2. To avoid creating unnecessary posts, kindly search for the desired book/item title before posting a “looking for” or “buying” post (the search box is the magnifying glass at the upper right of the page, below the group banner).
3. For everyone's convenience, non-academic book related posts are discouraged in the first 6 weeks of classes to help buyers and sellers with their transactions.
4.Constant disregard to the rules will enable admins to ban the person at fault.
5.No promotional posts (posts that ask people to like/share an item) and surveys, with an exception to promos that have the nature of buying/selling of items.
6. Bullying will not be tolerated.
7. The sale of test answers, dangerous drugs and other items prohibited by law or the Ateneo Student Handbook is not allowed.
8. Students may only share e-book copies in the Market. These cannot be sold.
9. Admins are not liable for any problems in the transactions between buyer and seller. However, members may bring their concerns up to the admins.
10. Scammers are to be reported immediately to the admins for appropriate action.
11. For those adding other Ateneans, or those applying to the group (especially the freshies), make sure that your timeline shows information related to Ateneo, like profile info, Atenean mutual friends, and the like. Admins will review your profile for verification prior to approving your request to join the group. :)