Shoegaze On


Welcome to Shoegaze On: one of the many shoegaze groups ...on FaceBook. Why would you join ours?
Because it's a group where quality matters more than quantity. We have a great team of moderators here ( Estella Rosa, Luis Rodriguez, Wesley Breard, and Chris Tressler and our newest addition Jenny Holland) who are incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, and make sure the quality here is maintained. That means fun shouldn't turn into trolling and a point of view shouldn't have to turn into an argument.
People that seek arguments or disrespect the mods are removed!

I would like to point out that the music here doesn't have to be "strictly" Shoegaze, but please keep it somewhat relevant. This group has grown to be one with its own character in over a year and most people on here have a good feeling of what they can and cannot post. Shoegaze On seems to focus on predictably shoegaze/dreampop but also takes a strong liking to jangly, c86, (neo) psych-pop, so feel free to post any of it!

We also have an allied blog:
Have a look on there for reviews and interviews and previews, most of our admins contribute on it.

Most of us are interested in great alternative music so pls no endless discussions about what is or isn't Shoegaze or about taste in general. There is is no point......

Have FUN!

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