Aussie Dachshunds

Hello everyone! Welcome to 'Aussie Dachshunds'.

This group was created for all Australian dachshund owners to come together and show off their furbabies, ask questions, offer support, and share anything dachshund related!

As this group continues to grow we will start organising photo competitions, fun events, and more.

Please ask your dachshund crazy family and friends to join this group if you haven't already. The more the merrier!

If you have an instagram account, please feel free to follow us!

>>>> The Boring Stuff (i.e. The Rules) <<<<

- We all have different points of view in regards to health, breeding, etc. Please be respectful of each others opinions. If a facebook 'argument' ensues the post may be removed without warning.
- Members may also be removed without warning if they are seen to be intentionally bullying other members. Slander of any kind will not be tolerated, and is illegal.
- Feel free to share photos of your new puppies and litters, but do not indicate if the puppies are for sale, their prices, etc. or your post will be taken down.
- Likewise, please do not advertise looking for a mate to breed your dachshund with. Your post will be removed.
- This is a family friendly page, so please keep swearing and other 'adult content' to a minimum.
- Photos, videos and stories of severe animal abuse will be removed as this can be extremely upsetting and triggering to many.
- Feel free to share your dachshund/dog related businesses/products in the group, but please don't be too spammy.

Thanks guys!!

If you need to get in touch with one of the Admins, please contact either Cynthia Gintzburger or Felicity Nielsen.