Aussie Photography

Photos from great Aussie Photographers.
* Only provide constructive criticism (CC) if the photographer asks.
* Only post your own work.
* Strictly no advertising.
* Keep everything positive.

To join, you don't need to be an Aussie or a photographer if you want to see some great photos! This is a group for Australian photographers of all skill levels (from pro to amateur) to share their work, and for everyone to appreciate them. All genres are welcome here. Post away!

We are a nice, friendly, and upbeat group and the Admins are here to ensure it stays that way. We welcome people who are new to photography and members are always happy to help if you have any questions. It can be daunting when posting your first few photographs, but just remember we have all been there.

Also, please like and comment on any work you appreciate, but only provide constructive feedback if the photographer asks. If a photographer does ask for constructive feedback, we ask that you be supportive, helpful, and encouraging. Photographers are often putting their hearts on the line with their work so that must always be a consideration when providing feedback.

Photographers retain all rights to their work. Use only with their permission.

A 'fair go' policy applies to all rules here. Aussies know what that means.

For more comprehensive guidelines, please follow this link: