Australia's Ray Of Hope Ministries

This is a spiritual service group that deals in spiritualism, mysticism, the spirit world, helping others with support via chats, mail, discussions, and just providing a friendly service that is totally blessed by our lord above! Administrators of this are Soffia Shanawaz Creator and Administrator of Australia's Ray of Hope Ministries. The group is designed to bring happiness to all people in the world, free from racism, free from contempt, for it is open to all races, all religions, all cultures, all aspects of life that say I love God and I am proud to be his follower in life! Blessed are those that say Amen to the lord, blessed are those that say I can help another even if am poor! Blessed are those that say even if I am ill I will try to make it better for someone else in life! So stay blessed all, and thank u deeply from my heart for being a part of our services. Amen (C) Soffia Shanawaz