AUSTRIA IS ALIVE WITH MUSIC (AIAWM) is a "platform" for self-pro...motion by Austria based unsigned talent (musicians and singers).
AIAWM is a place for ALL members to listen to work by talented musicians and singers, and to know of gigs or Air-plays that might be of interest.
Membership of AIAWM - ANYONE can join the group and with this in mind we ask that all Musicians and Singers should add their friends/fans of live music to AIAWM.
It is the non-Musicians and Singers who might buy the music and attend gigs/concerts.
If AIAWM only had Musicians and Singers promoting to each other, it would be a waste of time!
Radio Presenters/Stations, Agents, Promoters and Live Music Venues may post adverts and links.
** Guidelines for Artists (who are not based in Austria) but who join AIAWM
Submission from bands, artists, promoters, etc. that are based outside Austria are welcome.
The only "condition" for bands and artists is that they are posting their submission to promote a gig(s) in Austria.
Promoters, from outside Austria (e.g. Festival organisers), who wish to generate interest from musicians and singers to participate
in gigs/concerts/festivals outside Austria may advertise, with full information on how musicians and singers can apply to feature.

ONLY one post should be made to the group per day.
Supplementary information, if necessary, can be added to the original post by use of the Comments box.
* One exception - if a Promoter has more than one gig to promote but these gigs feature different artists, then separate posts on the same day can be made for each gig.

All submissions to AIAWM should give the following details (in a poster/graphic):
* COUNTRY where station broadcasts from.
* TIME(S) of broadcast in Austria.
* GENRE(S) of music played.
* MUST mention the UNSIGNED artist(s) from Austria who will feature in their broadcast.
- Ideally, that mention should provide a hyperlink to each artist’s Facebook Page.
- If an artist is featuring with additional coverage (e.g. On-air interview, multiple songs being featured, etc) then there should
be an “Artist of the Day” feature.
* Mention MUST be made of a contact e-mail address to which artists can send music files for potential play by the Radio Presenter/Station.
SPAMMERS will be removed from AIAWM and permanently banned.
Members who block an admin of the group will be banned.
As administration for AIAWM, we reserve the right to remove posts that do not conform to these guidelines.
Repeat "offenders" will be removed from AIAWM and permanently banned.

Queries - send these to one of the Admins for the Group.
ALL Admins are members of a Group, exclusively for Admins of IAWM groups around the World that discusses issues as and when they arise.
This means that we are frequently discussing abuses of IAWM groups and ways to improve groups.
IAWM groups are administered by volunteers so there is no 24/7 availability by Admins.