Online Marketing/Lead Generation

Welcome to our Online Marketing/Lead Generation Group! You can find us online at:

Read this document in it's entirety before posting.

Juggernaut Marketing Group is a service created to empower home business owners who are committed to working from home, full time, in 3 to 6 months.

Our group is a spam free zone. You can advertise your business, but if you're only spamming your opportunity without providing value to the group, you will be banned. Members are welcome to share inspirational messages, posts, images and anything that brings value to the group. as a whole.

This group is about TEAMwork. We believe that the germ of defeat exists in every selfish thought. Therefore we utilize our skills to offer those who would like to work from home, on a full time basis, a hand up.

The following guidelines are enforced so this is an enjoyable experience for all.

1.) Spam Free: Spam = Ban, no exceptions. You can share your opportunity with others, but you must provide value to our members.

2.) Family Safe Environment: Only images, videos and content of a positive nature and suitable for family are permitted. Anything posted outside of that, to include political content, will removed along with the person who posted it.

Best use of this group... connect and make friends. Get to know one another and share ideas. While spam is not permitted, we encourage you to utilize this group to connect with others for the purposes of business connections and join ventures in legitimate opportunities.

Have an incredible day!