Autoresponder Madness Insiders

Private group for ARM graduates who GET the power of email marketing. This is the place to share, explore & grow your experience with the art of storytelling.


1. Make sure you have completed all of the core ARM training.

We will not accept you if you haven't.

2. Apply to this group. We will review your application and accept you ASAP.

Or if we cannot match your FB profile name to your ARM username, we'll contact you via a private message to clarify things.


We created this private group to provide you with a platform to connect with like-minded individuals.

ARM first appeared in July 2009 and has since collected many raving fans.

A lot of the people who got ARM are using it in everything they do online. The underlying philosophy of it is busy changing businesses as we speak.

So this place is for you - to come together and share your passion and experiences.

We'd say pretty much anything goes. But there are a few rules we all should adhere to, to keep this place productive:

1st Rule of ARM Tribe

You don't talk about ARM Tribe: yeah - this is a private community. Only those who complete ARM get to join.

It's in your interest to please keep this to yourself. The integrity of the group depends on it.

2nd Rule of ARM Tribe*

*(almost sounding like fight club now)

You don't talk nasty in here.

You'd know by now Andre's style of talking isn't exactly squeaky clean. So swearing's not going to offend us. But being civil to your fellow tribe members is a MUST.

I'm sure you get the point.

If you feel offended, or have a problem with something someone said - PM us and then let it go.

3rd Rule of ARM Tribe

Do unto others, as you'd like done to you.

Yep - we're all here to share and learn and discuss email marketing. It's a two-way street. So make sure you give at least as much as you receive.

If you need to get in touch for anything outside this group, but pertaining to ARM, please use our Contact form (

Right that's that.

Welcome on board honorary ARMer :o)

You Rock!