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>>>>>>>> RULES AND NOTICES >>>>>>>>

NOTICE to Sellers of Mobile Phones, Gadgets.

Selling of Personal Used or Brand New items are allowed and encouraged, however, to protect our members from possible scammers and jokers, ads or posts selling phones, tablets, gadgets, etc. will no longer be allowed "IF", there are no confirmable business address clearly shown in the ads.

IF YOU ARE A VALID BUSINESS, your business photo, items for sale, should be posted and clearly identified for authenticity. There should be "MEET UP" Options in your Posts. Posted ads shall be "AUTOMATICALLY DELETED" and repeated violators banned from the group. "PRIVATE SALE" of personally owned items/gadgets are allowed and "IS NOT COVERED" by this notice.

Buyers are warned to avoid purchasing items without meet-ups. Transactions involving money transfers and items supposedly to be sent via air or sea freight Couriers should be avoided.

You've been advised.


NOTICE: to Sellers of Unlimited Internet and buyers of Expired Globe and Smart wifi units. Your Posts are "NOT ALLOWED" in this group.


REPEATED POSTS: All Members, when Posting Please check your Posts after each Posting and delete your extra REPEATED POSTS.


FLOODING: As a courtesy to all other members of this Group, POSTING OF Different Images or Products is NOT ALLOWED. If you need to, Create a Folder in our PHOTO SECTION and than post the URL of your Album in our Main Page. VIOLATORS may be removed and Banned.