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I look at the profiles of every single member that requests to join the group. If you're a member of any groups relating to drugs, gangs, criminal activities, or anything of the likes I will not only deny your membership but I will block you from ever being able to request to join the group again.

Furthermore, if I pull up your profile and I see pictures of you flashing gang signs, doing drugs, being an absolute moron with a weapon so you look "cool", doing illegal things, etc....or see status updates of these kinds of things, I will block you from the group. This group is full of police, military, and good people. Don't be stupid.

This group is made up of responsible law abiding gun owners. Gang members, criminals, drug addicts, etc are not welcome here. Don't waste your time and don't waste my time. Just go find another group.

When accepted into the group please take a few moments to read the rules post pinned to the top of the group.

-Facebook will remove posts that explicitly indicate a specific attempt to evade the law or help others evade the law.

-Facebook will remove posts when "no background check required" is mentioned in the ad.

-Facebook will remove an ad advertising to sell a firearm across state lines.

-Facebook will not allow anyone under the age of 18 in any gun group.

The Facebook requirements are not an issue for this group because we already abide by all of these terms but I wanted to put it down so people can access it. This group is very strict and does not tolerate any kind of dangerous or illegal weapon transactions. We do not allow criminals or children in our group.