B*LOG Online Content Creators Group


B*LOG (Pronounced "B"-Log) is the "well-rounded" Facebook group not just for Bloggers but all circles of Content Creators of which blogging is only one branch of. Therefore, welcome in our membership are online video program producers, podcasters, article writers, eBook writers, special report/white paper writers, ecourse or online seminar administrators, online photographers and Infographics specialists, and audio content producers such as digital music and audio book producers.

If you belong to one of these branches of Online Content Creators, we welcome you to this group to share your ideas, advice, questions, and freely promote your work to inspire other members. If we missed a branch, since new forms of online content are popping up everyday, please let us know so we can add it to our list.

This group was started with the realization that online content is NOT just blogs as we discover new ways to digitally express their creativity. As a result, we needed a group with an expanded definition.

WE DO ENCOURAGE SELF-PROMOTION OF YOUR WORK as it is a great way to encourage and spark creativity in your fellow B*loggers who may have not thought of doing what you are doing. Hey, imitation is the best form of flattery, but plagiarism is a No-No. We know you can make your own mark in your content creation.

B*LOG is run by Gary Alan Hidalgo (http://www.amazon.com/author/garyhidalgo), creator of Amazon Top 10 GLBT Mystery series "Northwest Passage Mysteries." Digital Content Producer/Publisher, and 15-year Online Marketing Professional who had the good fortune to get his start in the Internet industry right out of college at early Internet Service Provider, EarthLink Network, as a Website Editor, a job that included updating the What's Hot page with interesting content daily for mostly - back then - newbie Internet users.

Since then, online content has played a crucial role in Gary's career as a freelance writer and currently, a novelist (his first series "Northwest Passage Mysteries" shot as high as #3 on Amazon GLBT Mysteries with each new installment also a TOP 10 HOT NEW RELEASE). He is grateful to have been involved in many other pioneering roles that followed, including as one of the first Online Marketing Managers in the baby late '90s E-commerce market for DVD EXPRESS, creating and writing a workplace humor webcomic "CallBoyZ" with the hope to monetize one day something he loves to do anyway, and creating web music comedy series "BoyZ Next Door: Not a Boy Band."

He reads anything and everything from Blogging to String Theory. He has bought and read everything on Social Media on Kindle that he sometimes forgets he bought a title already until Amazon reminds him. Of course, this diversity of interests means he writes about anything and everything too. His blog is at http://www.garyalanmedia.com/

You can Private Message him on Facebook or email him at [email protected]