International Baby Picture Day/Remembering Our Innocence

What Is

International Baby Picture Day?

International baby picture day is any and everyday day in which “grown-ups” look at our own baby pictures in order to remember the innate innocence, beauty, and love that we were then and still are even Now.

When we look at babies and their pictures, our hearts effortlessly open up. When we see a beloved child we say, "Oh that baby is so beautiful!"—yet how many of us actually realize that the innocence we see in the child is also coming from inside of us? We could not see the child's innocence, beauty and love unless we had it ourselves.

What would happen if we were to look at our own baby pictures? That same innocence, love, and beauty would potentially be invoked. We would remember our very own child-like nature simply because we would be looking at ourselves. What a great yet simple spiritual practice this will be!

This revelation came to me while writing my forthcoming book, How To Reclaim Your Innocence: Remembering the Love Beauty Within and the simplicity of it moved me profoundly. My heart is therefore compelled to share it with the world and it humbly request that all awakened beings help in initiating INTERNATIONAL BABY PICTURE DAY...

A day in which we collectively affirm the spiritual Innocence of all beings, starting first with ourselves...

Our collective goal will be to get 100,000 baby pictures posted with testimonies! Isn’t this so sweet and exciting?

A great Master once said, "Unless ye become like a children (Innocent), you will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven (Love)."

Love, Temba Spirit

"Temba brilliantly and compellingly reminds us of the true power we had as children. He takes us on a journey into the heart, where we connect with our child-like innocence and our loving essence."

—Marci Shimoff, #1 NY Times bestselling author of Love for No Reason and Happy for No Reason

“Everything we read about in spiritual books hoping to now become we already were as children. Your first spiritual teacher was you! The first sage, saint, mystic, and transformational personality in your life was you! All the spiritual attributes that you now strive to attain as an adult you embodied as a child. We just forgot that.

Contemplate this deep in your heart. I mean really contemplate this deeply, with all the energy of your heart and soul. Do you have any of your baby pictures, or maybe even video footage? If you do, look at them as frequently as possible and behold your innocence and beauty. Take your time and let the remembrance of your innocence nurture you. Your worldly intellectual head knowledge will die in your heart’s remembrance of your innocence and re-emerge in true spiritual wisdom. Commit to looking at your baby and childhood pictures each and every day. This is a great heart opening practice. The innocence you behold in your pictures is there within you even now. Allow this thought to break your heart wide open and let your heart be moistened by the ocean of Love that is within you. Contemplate your innocence deeply and let your tears pour through you.

Stay here for a little while. Don’t rush through it. Look at your baby pictures and remember who you really are. Hug your baby pictures and hold them close to your heart. Smile at them. Behold the image and likeness of Love! You are now just an expanded version of that same awesomeness. You are looking at a perfect reflection of pure benevolence.

As children we could make ourselves cry. We had power! We still have that power within us. We can invoke Love simply by making it a practice to reclaim the awareness of our innocence and crying out to Love. Your beloved tears are perfect evidence that Love, God, and Infinite Beauty are truly there within you. I dare you to cry out to Love just as you did when you were a child. You are still that same beloved child. Your tears have power! Use them to invoke the pure Love that you were then and still are now. “

Love, Temba Spirit

(Excerpt taken from chapter one of the Forthcoming eBook,) How to Reclaim Your Innocence: Remembering the Love Beauty Within By Temba Spirit