Backdoor Theatre of Wichita Falls

Backdoor Theatre is a non-profit community theatre that has a reputation for quality productions, special “Band Night” series and much more. We have two stages (Main Stage and Dinner Stage) which have produced over 600 productions and concerts. Established in 1971, Backdoor Theatre was originally in the basement of the Weeks Mansion at Kell & Harrison. Theatre patrons entered through the door around back, which created the name “Backdoor Theatre”. After a couple of years we moved to a building at 10th and Travis. Finally moving to our current location in 1976. Our current location was donated by Earl White. It was originally People’s Ice House and was built in 1920. Backdoor raised the floor in the tower to create the Main Stage Theatre and it’s lobby. Most of the work was done by volunteers and lots of generous donations. If you look closely you can still see the crane pulley at the top of the tower in the Main Stage Theatre. The thick brick walls create a terrific acoustic sound not to mention great insulation. In 1981 we opened the Dinner Theatre. Instead of raising the floor we built levels from the ground up to create a unique and intimate atmosphere for a perfect theatre experience. Over the past 4 years we have added wheelchair accessibility, handicap restrooms, and a redesigned courtyard. We are continually improving our facility to accommodate our patrons, volunteers and supporters. We have also been twice named Texas Champion in the American Association of Community Theatres, in 1995-1996 and 2001-2002.


Interim Executive Director - David Cerreta

Artistic Director - Michael Sherry

Facilities Manager - Rob Brown

Board Of Directors:

President- Connie Barnhart

President-elect- Dr. Sumi King

Vice-president- Keith Koontz

Secretary- Karen Montgomery-Gagne

Treasurer- Donna Vaughn


Ann Arnold

Bob Barrow

Judy Diltz

Jackie Dowdy

Chris Estes, Education Chairman/Backdoor to Broadway

Kathie Forehand

Christi Jones

Sherry Jones

Jon Kruegar

Robin Robbins, Guild Liaison

Facebook Group Administrators:

David Cerreta

Jennica Howes

Michael Sherry

Jeri Sharp