"Bacolod bidder's/auction/selling Club" biskan anu bsta mbaligya epost lng

"Bacolodbidders/auction/sellingclub" would like to thank the members who follow instruction and contribute in a postive, effective manner.

In regards to the others..... No more bullshiting around, Anybody who disregards the rule's will be removed from the group. This group has too many members who cant follow instruction, It's just a matter of time before they will out themselves.

I got people messaging me about how post's got removed or some bullshit, Aint nobody got time for that. I'm not a customer service hotline and I probably dont care about why your trying to contact me. If you need to contact me, thats fine, If its about a post being deleted or your post has been removed, You did it to yourself and I wont reply.

All items posted need a fixed price. No Negotiable.
Do not bump an item more than once a day or it will be removed. Use the search function If you lost your post.
Post pictures of an item your selling, This is not mandatory but will help you item sell.

Any ad's for groups/meets will be removed unless you have permission from the admins.

So Simple.!, Dont like it...Leave. Capish?