Bait-ul-Qayem, NJ

Bismillah-hir-rahmaanir-rahim. Welcome to the Bait-ul-Qayem Facebook group! We are a religious center, located in Delran, NJ. Bait-ul-Qayem (BQ) has served the Shias in the Delaware Valley for over 25 years as a place to conduct religious, educational, charitable and cultural activities according to the Ithna-asheri Shia faith under fiqh-e-Jafaria (Jafari jurisprudence). Our mission is to promote religious learning and brotherhood. We welcome Shias and people of other faiths to learn about the Shia faith. Bait-ul-Qayem is administered and run by the Shia Association of North America (S.A.N.A), which is a incorporated as a non-profitable charitable organization.