A place for ballet teachers to chat and network. We are all connected, and yet, all of us apart; some of us in the middle of nowhere - alone, and some of us in the mix of metropolitan areas - ease of access to class, others and information.

For the YMCA educator and the local dance studio instructor to the company school faculties and directors and university teachers- we RE-IGNITE the COMMUNITY of ballet, the COMMUNITY of educators so as to affect positive change in teaching all aspects of the ballet arts.

From Health and wellness, injuries, nutrition, technique, repertory, style, contract/legal discussions, theory and philosophy, psychology, music, guest teaching opportunities, employment opportunities, school policy/procedures, combinations/ enchainments, choreography, rehearsal, costuming, classroom management and education humor...

Feel free to post photos, ads and videos although please remember to give credit where due (see employer policies regarding this at your studios).

Our students look to us in how to act and treat each other and how to constantly learn from one another; feel free to add friends, post comments, connect, start discussions or pass this group on to others....CONNECT OUR COMMUNITY! WE are teachers, lawyers, union leaders, doctors, professors, directors, choreographers- add who you'd like- we all benefit.

I JUST ASK: do not add parents or students- this is a faculty, administration, management page for confidential discussions, or, as confidential as one can be in an online group of peers; to be positive and helpful as all of us come from varying backgrounds in the ballet world; if your profile doesn't clearly demonstrate you are associated professionally in the ballet world, please email a note to me after your request to join with your associations or bio. (Please note, due to past posts, all posts must be approved and any negativity in posting comments will be deleted)

Thank you in advance and WELCOME!

Casey C. Davenport