The word Lozi means 'plain' in the Makololo language, in reference to the Barotse Floodplain of the Zambezi River on and around which most Lozi live. Lozi people are found in Zambia, Namibia (Caprivi Strip), Angola, Botswana and last but not the least the global Lozi Diaspora found in every corner of the world. This group is open to anyone who has some lozi blood flowing in their system.

This is a political neutral group.

I hope we use the Lozi platform to connect and bring creative ideas on how to achieve sustainable, broad-based economic development and poverty reduction in our regions. The Lozi platform is an credible mix of individuals with unique skills, capacity and access to networks that could lead to practical tools needed to make a real and measurable impact within communities and our countries.

Lozi Disclaimer:
Posts of a personal nature that have no bearing on building this community will be deleted. Facebook has provided inbox as tool to sort out personal issues and the Lozi wall is not a page for that.

NO ADVERTS, offensive pictures, making fun of disabled people, offensive to a reasonable person, that discriminate on tribal differences, sexual offensive pictures will be deleted and the person posting will be deleted from the Lozi group and blocked from group.

Views expressed in this group do not necessarily represent the views of the creator of this group Ama Mabuku Ayivor or the supportive Administrators Kalaluka Kay Mubiana and Mwenda Yeta. They are the sole responsibility of the person posting the views.

Further be advised that as Creator of this group Mabuku Ayivor reserves the right with support of Kalaluka and Mwenda, to delete ADVERTS, all offensive comments and posts. The person posting ADVERTS, offensive comments and posts will be blocked and removed from the group, without discussion.

Please be mindful that the Lozi group has a specific purpose, was created for a specific objective.

It shall not be used as an advert board. There are enough groups for that sort of thing. If you guys knew how much time it take to administer this page....please respect this platform.

Everyday we deal with numerous spammers from Asia who use algorithm to send add request so that they can get access to your information.

Do you know how annoying it is to find that person we added to the group believing they wanted to interact with other members for language purposes, just wants access to the Lozi mailing list to advertise their ish....so you know we remove such people and ban them permanently.

Unless its a job post or scholarship that you want your fellow members to know about.....DO NOT POST ADVERTS for commercial products or services.

Further be advised that this is a free facebook group, we are not paid admin. On the premise we will try our best to respond to add requests in a timely manner, when we get a chance to do so.