GROUP RULES... (DO's and DON'Ts)

1) Commercial posts
2) Foul language
3) Political discussions
4) Not banjo releated topics!
5) SPAM!

These kind of posts will be removed immediately and the poster will be removed permanently without warning!

1) Talking about and sharing our love for our music and/or our instrument (banjo of course)
2) Give help to our fellow picker's
3) Post what we play ourselves
4) Post the music we like and want to share*
(*as much as possible related to the banjo but sometimes you may surprise us)
5) Share nice banjo stuff we can use
6) Share information about banjo camps, festivals etc.
7) And try to have fun of course!

So, what kind of banjo style you play, respect and learn from each other.

For more questions about this matter simply post your question or contact William, Piotr, Ian, James, Arthur or me directly.