This Group Is only for those people who are serious about their Career and want to Prepare well for PO, Clerical exams. Here We will discuss smallest things about Banks interviews and Questions asked by them. People serious about their careers can come and join us and also invite people who are also preparing for Bank Interviews.

Norms of this Group:

1. This Group is entirely based on Bank Interview Preparations and Bank related Questions and facts. This Group has nothing to do with any bank in India and outside India.

2. If you have any sort of query related to bank, and bank interview, post it in the Group, Admins will only answer if they felt that the Doubt or Query is Faced by many people in Common. You can take help of other members in the Group. The Members of Group are requested to answer each other Query If they have their Appropriate and Suitable answers.

3. Your query will be immediately deleted if it is not related to BANK or an irrelevant one even if related to Bank.

4. Don't use Abusive Language in the Group, otherwise you will be Banned from that immediate effect.

5. If you are from CSE or ECE Engg Background Then do type btech or cse or ece on search symbol in Group, you will get sufficient posts regarding that. We as admin request you NOT to create posts further regarding such issues.

6. Before Advertising for your Group and Page, Please take Admin's consent first. Otherwise your ad will be deleted and you will be Banned from the Group.

7. Keep yourself up-to-date with the Current Issues and Questions posted in the Group. Admins are not responsible if you do not face similar Questions in the Interview.