Florida Opponents of Red Light Cameras Coalition

This is a Facebook group to help all members of the informal statewide coalition against red light cameras. Please invite all who are with us.

Please ALSO see your own organizations event pages and/or www.banthecams.org for a lot of helpful resources.

As a team, we can beat this lobbyist-funded bureaucrat-enabled fraud-based on "revenues" and campaign contributions with twisted data and replace it with real safety within the rule of law.

Click on "files" for documents we have uploaded that support our position.

Unite and win.

Posts here must relate to the group's focus of red light cams or at least automated enforcement of traffic laws. Unrelated posts will be deleted w/o notice as they can cause division and derail the purpose of the group. Deletion of posts does not imply opposition to the cause mentioned, it is simply a matter of retaining focus.

It's unlikely everyone here agrees on every issue on the table. It is best in a specialized group to focus on the points we agree upon and leave the others for elsewhere.