Banting is a principal town in the district of Kuala Langat, Selangor in Malaysia. Banting has a population of 48,240. It is situated on the banks of Langat River (Sungai Langat in Malay). It was probably also known as Rest Town or Bandar Persinggahan of Federal route . The historical Bandar Jugra, a former royal town of Selangor is situated near Banting. It is popular for small scale industry product like kerepek and belacan.

Places of interest Banting is surrounded by many interesting places. There is agro tourism which hightlight places like Ling Zhi farm, Longan Farm and Dragonfruit Farm. For those interested, can also visit the paragliding range located at Bukit Jugra. Those whom prefer beaches can also visit Morib beach which had recently been beautified by the local government. Those looking for historical monuments will also be facinated by Sultan Abdul Samad's old palace also known as Istana Jugra.

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