Basildon buy/sell

Items to sell in Basildon and surrounding areas.

The Rules!

1. Please keep photos in an album, ask if you are unsure how to make one. I don't think you can on an iphone
but you can upload 5 photos a day individually. If you can get on a pc at any point then you can make an album which I am told you can add photos to from your phone for future use.
2. Please keep to only 5 photos per person per day to make it fair for every member to show their items. This means no bumping more than 5 items per day. No bumping unless 24 hours has passed.
3. Please tag me if you have a problem, i'm around most of the time.
4. No Loans or foreign spammers.
5. If you are not in Basildon but the surrounding area, please state this on your album title.
6. Please make sure all details, price, age, condition are on the photo and members please click on the photo to check before asking questions.
7. Please don't try and rip other members off by trying to get more money than the item can be bought in the shops for. We are all here for a bargain.
8. Please delete photos when they are sold, don't just put sold on them because they take up lots of room on the wall.
9. Please do not get friends to bump your post.
10. Illegal goods are not to be sold. No weapons, R4 cards, bling items or pirate DVDs.
11. No selling animals!
12. Do not comment or 'like' a post unless you have an interest in buying it. The seller does not need to know that you like it or think it's really cute! In doing this you are bumping the post.
13. This is not the job center, please do not advertise jobs here!

If you break the rules your post will be deleted without word and you will not be allowed to post further for 24 hours.

Admin are Lisa Blackwell-Dickinson, Mark Crosby and Robert thompson