Elizabeth City Online Yard Sale

This is a site to buy, sell or trade your unwanted items! The transactions are up to the seller/buyer, the admin(s) are not responsible for the sales. Transactions must be made privately between the seller and the buyer. For everyone’s safety phone numbers and addresses need to be posted in private.

Please DELETE your posting if you have sold the item that way everything stays current. Also, do NOT repost the same item if you already have it posted. You can bump your listing up by commenting on it yourself, but please only 1 time in a 24 hour period. Please make sure you ask questions and read all details. It is not the seller's fault if you misunderstood or assumed something differently. ALL SALES ARE FINAL as far as I'm concerned. This is not a store; it's an online sale - that is why I say to ask questions/read details!!!

Please have your payment arrangements secured before you pick up your item (i.e. cash, check, money order.) If you are bringing cash, please make sure you have the correct amount. If you do not feel comfortable with someone coming to your house to pick the item up, you may choose a public place that is mutually agreeable to both parties to meet (i.e. McDonald's, Wal-Mart, Mall, etc.)

As the creator of this group I assume NO RESPONSIBILITY for the transactions that occur here.

I don't mind you all posting/commenting in here, so long as you don't use profane/foul language or any rude remarks.

Please post your location in your listing that way the buyer is aware. It is up to the buyer and seller to come to an arrangement on any transacations.

I'm really not trying to be a stickler or anything, but this is for everyone's own safety. You CAN put cities and landmarks, though. Just not personal addresses or phone numbers.

** As of 2/26/12, if any #'s or address are posted on the walls, I will delete within seconds of seeing them. It's for your own safety. **

**If you do not know how to stop receiving all the e-mails from this group simply click on EDIT SETTINGS in the top right hand corner of the group page and choose which option you would like. It will ONLY affect this page, not your entire facebook account.

If you post more than 3 pictures, PLEASE put them in an album to keep the organization in the page. Also, I cannot stress this enough....ONLY BUMP YOUR ITEM ONCE PER 24-HOUR PERIOD. Also, because there are buyers/sellers in different areas, please include your location (ie, Hampton, Va; Elizabeth City, NC). Thank you.