Bass Place

The OFFICIAL Bass Place FB Group!


II. No buying, selling or trading in this group. Go to: Bass for Sale - . This will be strictly enforced with a permanent ban.

III. Rules and Regulations for the OFFICIAL FB group for Philmusic Bassplace:

1. Good Vibes. Bassplace ideally operates on this. Let's do it! :)

2. RESPECT: Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but that also means that you should respect the opinions of others. Do unto others as you would like to be treated. Otherwise, the Admin/Mods step in.

3. Avoid Trolling and Flaming. Yes, we know it can be done for fun at times. But Admin/Mods can and will step in if it looks like it's going too far. Self-control is the key. And a healthy sense of humor.

4. No TxtSpeak. We'll be conducting regular sweeps of the threads. You've been warned.

5. Avoid Off-Topic Posts. Let's keep it about the bass and other related topics: music, band, band life, gear. We can go off-topic occasionally, but let's keep it somewhat related, okay?

6. No flooding of posts.

7. Scammers are not welcome. Contact Admin/Mods when you see one.

8. No obscene and gore photos. Strictly observed.