בת קול, ארגון לסביות דתיות- הקבוצה החברתית
אתם מוזמנים להצטרף לדף הרשמי של בת קול

בת קול שואפת לקיים בית תומך ומסגרת ערבות הדדית ללסביות דתיות ובני משפחותיהן,
ולקדם חינוך לסובלנות ולקבלת השונה בחברה הדתית מתוך מטרה לאפשר חיים של שוויון ושותפות בקהילה הדתית

Bat-kol - Religious Lesbian Organization was founded to allow women to fulfill both their religious and lesbian identity; to make it possible for women to live in loving relationships, to raise children without deception, but nevertheless stay committed to their religion.

Starting with ten founders in the winter of 2005, Bat-kol has grown and as of June 2007 includes some 100 women whose ages range from 19 to forty plus. Members of Bat-kol come from various religious backgrounds. Some have established a gay family and raise children, others are still in the closet and are struggling with the difficulties involved.

Bat-kol aims towards a world where religious lesbians can live a life of truth and love, a life of equality and companionship, a life of self fulfillment and acceptance in the religious society. Achieving Bat-kol’s goals is essential not only for religious lesbians but for all the religious community as well, to create a better society, with justice, kindness, and equality. This is our Tikkun Olam.

For more information, please contact Bat-kol by email:
[email protected]
or by calling Bat-kol information line at 054-313-323-9, active Sunday and Wednesday between 21:00-23:00.