Beg, Barter, Buy and Sell in Katy, TX

This is for you to sell your items. Used or new. -like a garage sale. PLEASE BE HONEST WITH YOUR SELLS. Post your prices on each picture. If you have previously purchased an item on this site but it didn't work for you it is fine to resell it but do not mark the price up to make a profit and please state it was previously bought on this or another similar site. Use your own photos not another persons photos. If you are "selling" items that are a scam you will be deleted and banned. Please do not comment on things that have no concern to you. Mind your own business. We are all adults here and need to act like adults. I have seen way too many petty fights on here. I am fine with businesses advertising on here as long as it is legit and benefits our community and each other. This site is here to help others find deals and bargains not to scam people. If you set a time and place to meet someone to purchase or sell an item please make every effort to honor that commitment. If something comes up (as life happens) please be respectful and notifying the other person ahead of time and try to make other arrangements.

**bidding is allowed as long as you state IN THE BEGINNING to state best offer**
Otherwise please post your asking price.

***If your products that you're selling are coming from a smoking home please let others know- some are allergic and there are times that the smells will not get out of the items. Please keep this site HONEST***

please no breeders allowed