Beg, Barter, Buy and Sell Kids Items in Katy, TX

The purpose of this group is to beg, barter, buy, and sell items to each other!! It's like a big garage sale!!! You may post any KIDS items that you want to sell, trade, or give away or even a garage sale!!! Posting pics of the items makes for an easier sale!!!
If you do not live in Katy area then please list the location of the item and if you are willing to meet half way or travel to Katy for drop off of the items you are selling.

Do not post your personal information on this site it is a safety issue. No addresses, Type of car, Exact meeting location and time, or phone numbers.


WE DO NOT allow Auctions of any kind of this site! Please name your price. A price with OBO is okay.

1. Please don't hijack posts. Start your own!

2. Remove sold items in an effort to keep the site clean.

3. Plan on posting more than 3 items? Create an album! Add to it when new items become available!

4. The seller does not have to sell to the first person in line it is their choice who to sell to. As admins we can not force someone to sell to you.

5. As with anything buyer beware. Make sure if you buy something you make sure it works before paying and leaving with it. If it is clothes make sure they are clean and in the condition they were said to be in the post. Sellers please make sure your items are clean and in working condition.

6. Be rude and play no more.... ;)
If there is an argument going on on the site please tag an admin in the post. DO NOT jump in the argument with the other people. YOU will be removed for doing so.

7. Please do not "bump" an item more than once in a 48 hour time period. Any comments to your own item or likes does count as a bump. If you have created a photo album please bump the album and not the individual photos.

8. Business ads are only allowed to be placed on Mondays Wednesdays, and Fridays. Once you have placed your ad please bump your existing ad. If you want to post a new ad you must delete the old one first. Failure to delete the old ad before posting a new one will result in Admins deleting both of your ads.

9. If you are posting about providing child care you need to post whether or not you are licensed by the state. What certifications you have, CPR etc...

10. When posting car seats, you must include the manufacture and/or expiration date or they will be deleted. You are NOT allowed to sell expired car seats, nor can you sell ones that have been in a wreck.

11. Seller has the right to make ALL SALES FINAL!!

12. We DO NOT allow stock photos of any sort, You must have an actual photo of the item that way we can see the condition of the item being sold.

13. Any items with no activity for 2 months will be deleted with out notice.

14. Breast Pumps are not allowed for resale on the site due to the health risk/issue they could cause.