Central Valley Mamas - Love, Support, and Motivation

This is a support/motivation group for Mamas that need the love, motivation, and support to get fit!! I am doing the Bikini Body Mommy Challenge. It's a 90 day program that a lot of us started January 5th. It's a FREE program with 20 minute work outs that are posted on YouTube. We will share recipes and motivate each other so we can make it to our goals!!

If you're interested, check out Breanna's website at bikinibodymommy.com. She also has a link to her instagram, facebook, and youtube channels. If you sign up here (http://tiny.cc/StartYourChallenge), you can put in your start date and she will send you emails everyday with motivation and the video for the day!

Feel free to post the program/workouts/"diets" you will be doing too! Maybe someone else will be interested in that too.

This group is a closed group. That means that it's searchable, but only the group members can see the posts. You are able to add family and friends you feel need the extra support and motivation also.

Some of us posted before pictures on the wall on Day 1 for BBM 2.0- I started an album also, if you feel comfortable, add yours to the album! I will start a 3.0 album on Monday. There is also an album for recipes. Take a picture of what you're eating and post it there with the recipe. I'm sure there's someone in the group that's looking for some new healthy ideas.

I will be posting evening check-ins. Tell us what you were able to do today - walk, run, workout at home/gym, squats, couch sit ups, whatever it may be. No effort is too little. Doing that will help motivate you and all of us reading about your accomplishments.

Please ask any questions or tips you may have whether it's a recipe suggestion, workout program, diet you may be interested in, running/walking/gym partners, and more.

Now lets get fit together! (That was corny, I know, but it's true!)