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Risk Disclaimer :

Bangladesh Bank has published a public circular on Forex Trading from Bangladesh. It says any kinds of illegal activities related to Forex trading has been banned. And any kinds of fraudent activities will not be permitted by government authorities.

So Forex is not banned from Bangladesh. Under the Foreign Exchange Regulation Act 1947 these kinds of activities will be considered as crime. Because only authorized foreign exchanger can exchange money. So for becoming more conscious Bangladesh bank has published this circular recently.

So we should be more aware of this issue. It is happening throughout the country. To learn forex you don’t need to go to any institution and please remember Forex can never be a money making machine. Just think, “You have the money and you want to invest those money to any foreign country’s economy’. To do forex business it requires huge knowledge on International economy. So always you should understand what you are planning to invest your money through any training institutions. Thousands of people are investing money through various kinds of training institutions on Forex trading. In Bangladesh still there is no Forex trading brokerage. If you want to do Forex business do it yourself if you have enough knowledge on Forex. “How Forex trading can be done from Bangladesh“. Trade at your own risk !

Forex is a highly risk able business for everyone ! BDFS group is not advising for any investment.

we are not affiliated with any broker or financial institute.

For holding a great environment we are requesting every member to please don't spam and don't argue with each other !

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