SAHM Fitness (Stay at Home Mommy) ..with TeamSmalley

As a fitness coach, I help people, men & women, young and old, reach their fitness goals with support, accountability, and motivation as well as answer questions about workouts, food and portion control. This group is to help you decide if you want to have a healthier lifestyle.

Since having two kids, my husband and I have been eating horribly! We would eat out a lot because it tastes sooo good or go to drive-thrus because it was EASY. We never knew what portions were the right size to eat or how to find out. In the back of our minds, we always wanted to eat healthier, cleaner, feel stronger and lose weight so that we can be a good influence on our children..see them have grandkids and live a better life. Impossible with two kids, working, chores and basically..LIFE!

Well, we started a program about a week ago and I never felt so good since highschool! In a WEEK, my husband lost 12 pounds and I have lost 5 Pds in a week. We are stronger and leaner! Our endurance at the gym is a lot better! We are learning all about what "clean eating" and healthy portion sizes are. This will not only be a short change in diet and exercise..

This WILL be our lifestyle!

I hope this story inspires you to want to learn more about how you can do it too!!!