Jewelry Makers and Bead Lovers

***Please read before joining***

Welcome to Jewelry Makers and Bead Lovers hosted by Magpie Gemstones

Currently, we are no longer adding members to our group on a daily basis, but rather, at random times throughout the year. This will enable us to focus on enrichment and learning within the group.

JMBL group's purpose is to explore jewelry making techniques, share free tutorials and ideas, and offer support to people who have run into issues or snags in something they have been working on. We propose ideas as a group on issues as diverse as selling jewelry, presentation, organization, how to stay motivated, and many, many more aspects of the jewelry trade.

We show off our eye candy for inspiration and to get feedback. If you are comfortable sharing what techniques you used or helping people learn how to make the jewelry you post, please say so. If you are not, that is ok, too!

Unlike other groups we do stray off topic! Feel free to use the "stop Notification" button to remove yourself from topics that go astray if you want.

Once you have been accepted into the group please pull up a seat, grab a cup of coffee, and have some chocolate. Browse our Picture albums under “Photos” and if you like, create your own album so we can see your great work, too!

And please remember, this is an Ad free group!

By definition, an advertisement is anything you post that you could potentially profit from. We all love seeing beautiful creations! But if any information regarding purchasing such as availability, pricing, or soliciting others to message you for pricing/availability, it will be considered advertising, and the post/picture will be removed.

Magpie Gemstones has a wonderful resource page that offers everything from tutorials, how-to in jewelry making, and even tips on marketing and selling and everything beady in between:

Additionally, in our group under Files, you can find Documents that you might find useful, such as
- Sources and Suppliers –US-Canada-UK and Australia
- Introduce Yourself
- list your links
- Free Tutorials

In the group we have threads you can access via the pinned post at the top of the group for:
- link love, a thread to show support for our member’s Facebook Biz/fan pages
- link to our Pinterest board for you to share your eye candy

This group also has a fan page too! for announcements.

Due to Facebook's settings fewer and fewer people are seeing the Magpie Gemstones announcements of new beads and sales. So we made a group where we will post about 10 times a week getting the information out about those events to those who want to know. We will be announcing all new beads that go in and are on sale, announce our weekly sales and our SUPER SALES.

Thanks! Your fearless moderators Szarka, Heather, Ghislaine, Sherry, Gibby and Connie.