Hi Folks. Welcome to our Group called Beagles Talk UK. You can chat about anything, preferably Beagle related - topics can include what they had for dinner, breeding, what they have chewed today!, showing, agility,what they have chewed today!, racing, what they have chewed today! there will be no topics disallowed or frowned upon ...even BARF is allowed! Pictures can be of your beloved wee hounds doing whatever their nature takes them...showing, running, rolling in poo, racing, agility, rolling in more poo, puppies, sleeping...anything. Help and advise should be freely given and just as freely taken...if you ask for advise, take what you receive politely and don't have to follow it!!! Debates are allowed but no name calling or being nasty please. I will not tolerate bullying or victimization in any form.....if you don't have the balls to do it face to face....don't do it here!!!! Trouble makers will be removed from the group without prior warning..!!! Language can be flowery if appropriate but no cursing please. If you allow your kids to come on here then it is up to you as no post will be edited to make it 'kid friendly' although I do hope posters will remember that some children may pop in now and again so please be mindful when posting. Everybody is welcome....if you don't get on with someone on the site, sort it out privately and not in the public forum. I have to add that if you are collecting for donations to a charity then free to put a link to your own personal page where the details are given...... DO NOT ASK FOR DONATIONS ON THIS GROUP PLEASE. Everything else goes as I am not one for rules really apart from the only main rule on this selling of puppies...IF you have pups available then you can post a picture with appropriate wording (no sales jargon). If you like a pup you privately. If you have an older dog to rehome...then please contact me privately and I will see how the group can help. Last point......because it disjoints debates, postings, conversations then please do not BLOCK just isn't nice...if you have an issue then take it elsewhere!!! ...Apart from that....have a great time and hopefully everyone will get along and pick up some super information and tips. Oh one more thing...if you want to add someone, go ahead but clearance MUST be by one of the Admins!!
That's all from me folks..enjoy, enjoy, enjoy and have a great Beagling time! xxxxx