Beautiful Waterford Imagery

This is a group set up to showcase beautiful Waterford City, Ireland's Oldest City, and Waterford County, in South East Ireland. Home to Waterford Crystal. The birthplace of our National Flag. Thomas Francis Meagher. Luke Waddding. The Irish Christian Brothers. The list is endless!!

And we celebrate our 1100th birthday in 2014!

Just some light rules:

1. Please try to limit your contributions to 4 to 6 shots per day. If you'd like to include more than one shot at a time then please attach them to the same post - not as individual posts. This will allow you to to post more than the six individual shots separately. And you could do a couple of these if you so wish.

2. This is not a group for critique. If you don't like a photo then don't comment. ALL LEVELS OF PHOTOGRAPHERS ARE WELCOME HERE.

3. Waterford City and county photos only please. The group was formed to primarily highlight, first and foremost, the City and County's many beautiful locations and geographical attractions & wonders.

4. PLEASE be courteous to other members at all times.

5. No links to Flickr or third pages or sites please. Original images only.

6. Please do not create any albums. They will be deleted.

7. While macros etc are welcome, can you please ensure that, in the main, you post images of places in Waterford city and County. Remember - we need to highlight our beautiful attractions. If possible, please do not post shots of dereliction.

8. One last thing - if you're sharing a photo from someone else's timeline it would be an idea to ask their permission first. We have had only one complaint, but forewarned is forearmed!

And spread the invites!