Spiritual Guidance And Just Good Advice with AlairrialA

This group is a very special place to be ♥ for those who have suggested, enquired and requested me to give more of myself in the way of advice, guidance and help in laying stepping stones to personal success, along with hints and tips to paths of meditation and soul seeking. I have decided to do so. I will be setting up a system where I will attach a pay pal acct to this and all requests will be via a special email address. Where it is acceptable the guidance and advice given can be displayed on this page if you so desire, this may give others a chance to read and prosper from the words also. This decision came in the form of a guidance I received last night from a very good and kind spirit. I will be starting from nothing so please bear with me as I learn how to make this happen ") I have always believed in giving my readings/advice away as I felt it is a free gift/experiences I received. I didn't realize how much toll it was taking on my personal life :( plz feel free to comment below as to your thoughts on this ") I will still be giving free short readings on our page (meditations) as I always have but I will be doing this every now and then ") I have so much more to offer than just my intuition and I have experienced so much more in life than even I realized. For me to do this will be a huge expansion of myself and it will become available worldwide. Thank you for your emails and pm's of support and for allowing me into your lives. Now I can offer you all so much more!

My new email addy is [email protected] and will be the email addy I will be using for all transactions also I will refer to myself as AlairrialA as that is my pen name in my poetry and my guardian angel's name also ♥ I much prefer that to be the name I give guidance under "), thank you ♥