Bendigo buy and sell

THIS IS A FREE COMMUNITY FORUM - no profit is made from this group. i hold no responsibility for items u pay for and dont get if u have a problem with paying for something and u dont get it seek legal advice as its a civil matter not admins..........

There are a few rules though. Please read the RULES discussion tab before you post. Admins reserve the right to delete posts if you violate these rules.

1) No abusive or offensive posts. any abuse towards admins will not be tolerated and will result in ban
2) Please place your post once!!! if you feel you need to post your item each day make sure you delete your old post BEFORE re posting it. that way there are no multiples. if multiples keep appearing then admin will delete all of your posts for that item,old and new. this ensures an organized page .(this also keep me sane,as i have much better things to be doing then deleting all of your multiple pics! thanks!)
3) You are welcome to upload a photo or two any more add them as a comment
4) Please remove your old posts and/or photos once your item is no longer available.and please note do not comment on someone else s stat i can get that cheaper else where keep it to yourself
5) 1st to say sold gets item just to comment a question doesnt mean sold
6) Advertising Dogs & Cats and Micro-chipping Laws within Victoria. If the animal (cat dog puppy kitten has a price add a microchip number. if you dont you will be banned and your post will be deleted no questions asked.Please note EOI can only be done before they are born not after you cannot advertise until chipped once born, and puppies and kittens must be over 8 weeks old before they leave to go to there new homes.anyone not abiding will have post deleted and banned no warnings
7) Other groups and selling pages may advertise but please limit link to once a day.
8) feel free to contact me at any time with any concerns etc and most of all enjoy safe looking etc have a great day guy :)
9)admins of page are Jo priest & @matthew priest & stacey maree inbox either for any problems
10) this page is not to be use for business's like weightloss ect facebook business's only..
11) you must be in Australia to be a member, we are a Bendigo page but do accept members if in Australia only, there is Ebay for those who want to either sell or buy from out of Australia
12)do not comment on any ones post unless you are interested in buying the item or have item thats asked for in a WTB post or can be of some help to the person who posted any smart comments or comments unrelated to post will result in either a temporary ban or permanent one depends how admin decides to deal with it.
13) please include detailed descriptions of your items as members on ph's can't see what your selling if they can read a description it make's it easier for them & for you to sell the items..