Benefit for Travis M. Gidley - Jordan Essentials Fundraising Event

Travis Michael Gidley will be a second year college student this year at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. His undergraduate degree is in biochemistry, with an aspiration to continue through medical school.

This year, Baylor, like many other universities who depend upon private funding, has fallen short in funding for some of the scholarships that helped many of their students last year. We decided to hold a fundraiser event to aid in this tuition shortfall. Our goal is to raise at least $5,500.00 this semester, with the hope that there will be more funding for the next semester. At any rate, all my business proceeds go directly to Travis's tuition needs.

There truly *is* something for everyone at Jordan Essentials, whether it be a bath product, candles and gifts, makeup, or something a little different for a friend's upcoming birthday or special day--just knowing that all the JE product line promotes natural ingredients is great.

I will continue to run specials and promotions for Travis during his college career. The one other thing I will say about JE is, they put God and family first. It is in that spirit I choose to sell their products. What better way for me to support my son, and indeed, the rest of my family.

So please come shop my online store at the below link, get something for yourself and your friends and family, and know that you're not just buying good, natural, safe're giving the gift that continues to a deserving college student. You're supporting education. That's truly a winning combination.

Thank you for your consideration and support.

Barbie Petty
Proud Mother of Travis M. Gidley,
Jessica L. Gidley, George M. Gidley, and Danielle M. Gidley

Online and Ongoing...benefitting Travis M. Gidley